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Now there is a safe and secure way to deal with financial emergencies. Whether it is a car breakage, unexpected repair or medical bills, AddiPayDayLoan will help you. We offer a hassle-free way to receive cash without filling out tons of paperwork. The process of getting cash is really simple, see for yourself:

  • ✔ You fill out a simple application form on our website
  • ✔ We forward it to lenders who approve you within minutes
  • ✔ You get the money deposited in your account on the next business day

Lenders from our network realize how difficult it may be to maintain a high credit score. Therefore, even if your credit score is far from being perfect or you have no credit history, it will not prevent you from getting the necessary financing. We protect your personal information with the industry-recognized 256 bit SSL encryption technology and share it only with our reliable partner lenders. Don't let financial shortfalls get in the way of your happiness! Let AddiPayDayLoan lend you a hand.

Payday Advance Loan ?
Short-term cash advance provided until your next payday. These short-term loans are also known as payday loans, payroll advances, and cash-til-payday loans.

Several Payday Advance Loans
No. Only one (1) payday loan can be outstanding at any given time. However, by calling toll free 1-877-836-3073, a customer service representative may be able to assist you with a larger loan.

How Do I Get The Money?
Once approved, we will fax you a disclosure and authorization form that will allow us to disburse the money to you and electronically debit your bank account for the amount financed as well as the finance charge.

Repay Loan On Time The Benefits To Me ?
Customers with a good repayment record receive our VIP services, which include expedited servicing and discounted rates.

Am I Disqualified Due Poor Credit History?
Not necessarily. We are here to assist customers when the need arises. Many of our current customers have credit difficulties from time to time. A payday loan can help you deal with this short term situation.

What If I Filed Bankruptcy?
You may still qualify for a Mr. Cash loan, if the bankruptcy is discharged, subject to our normal employment and residency requirements.